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Vendredi, sortie

Friday in Manhattan was great.

I spent the afternoon with Mr Bingo, trolling Soho and NoLIta, popping into little shops and eating. That man may not live in Manhattan but you would never know it based on how many people he says hello to. We dropped TA off at school where Mr Bingo reunited with a friend attending TA’s program. Mr Bingo then took me to Art and Architecture, where he spent time chatting with a professional acquaintance at the gallery. We didn’t go to Moss, but I’m sure if we had, he would have spent half an hour reminiscing with someone in that place. He knows everyone! It’s insane!

The best of course was listening to his gossip about the Design Awards. He said that at one point, he was standing so close to Simon Doonan that he could have hugged him! (and bitch-slapped his boyfriend.) The greatest moment occurred when Simon presented the award for Best Fashion Designer. To the losers he said, “Congratulations. You’re still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model!” And get this: NOBODY LAUGHED but Mr Bingo!!!! Ach, designers take themselves too fucking seriously sometimes. Where is their sense of humor?

While in the city, I couldn’t resist going to Zara in search of that little military coat that I saw two months ago, and as she predicted, it was nowhere to be found. There were plenty of other little distractions, but none in my size unfortunately. The good news? I did discover a navy blue, pseudo military cropped jacket with stand-up collar at Zacharys Smile, a little shop on Greenwich in the Village. What I love about the jacket is that it’s partly new, partly vintage—the body of the jacket is new material, but it’s got details on the cuffs and the button placket in the form of 50s vintage fabric. Each jacket on the rack was a different color, with different vintage fabric accents which means I won’t ever see anyone walking around in the one that I bought. Woohoo!

This is the shop’s official but not-yet-live site.

Other stuff that falls into the unfun category:

The car battery died over the weekend and caused tons of headaches but the good news is that 3 hours at the dealership this morning and $265 later, the car not only runs but the radio works again. Thank god we paid extra for the Roadside Assistance program—we had to call the tow truck twice for a jump.

TA’s mom is not doing well. She was hospitalized a few weeks back after she collapsed from exhaustion at the hospital. She has been in a convalescent home since then, and though she seems to be regaining her strength, she is not steady enough on her legs to be independent. Massive doses of chemo and radiation will do that to you. TA’s father just got a bill from the hospital for $10,000 and he has no idea how the bill will be paid. Makes my health + insurance problems seem insignificant (and have I even bitched about how TA’s former company fucked up the COBRA paperwork, and we are currently uninsured?)

Our condo association voted and approved a measure to replace all the windows in the building with better insulated, more modern ones. Everything was going along swimmingly until one owner—an owner who never attends meetings, by the way—threatened legal action because apparently proper voting procedure was not followed. As far as TA and I can tell, the brouhaha that has erupted and has involved tens of emails between angry residents has more to do with long-standing feuds between neighbors than anything else. Neither one of us can believe what big giant babies everyone in our building is, and I am frankly embarassed for the assholes who are crying foul. I don’t want to alienate neighbors and I don’t want to pick sides, but seriously, I am at the point where it’s going to become difficult to make eye contact with a lot of these whiny entitled BABIES. Half the people in our building didn’t even buy their own fucking places, their parents did! Be a grownup and eat your fucking vegetables. That’s life sometimes.

Tomorrow I am off to Manhattan again, this time to play with the Panty Queen. We are hoping to exhaust ourselves at the Met before collapsing here for restorative cupcakes. I know they’re not exactly in the same neighborhood but I’m willing to travel far and wide for a little slice of sugary happiness.

4:24 p.m. - 2005-10-24



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