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Friends I've won that have turned out to be influential

We have a subscription to Details magazine, the result of some frequent flyer miles we opted to take in the form of printed matter. Who flies Northwest anyway?

The other day I was flipping through the magazine looking for the Chabon article (one of the only reasons I havenít unsubscribed,) when I came across some kind of list of the 50 Most Powerful People Under 40. And guess what? I totally know one of these Powerful People!

I know! Weird!

The funny thing is I donít just know this person; I KNOW this person. Like, Iíve known him since he was an 18 year old smartass punk of a scooter boy, Iíve been to one of his two weddings, I know where he grew up, I know a LOT of potentially incriminating (yet hysterically funny) stuff. Not that he needs to pay me any hush money to keep my trap shut, but you know, when I decide itís time for me to start agitating for universal healthcare, you can bet I will be in touch with him.

I suppose all this means is that the older you get, the greater the likelihood youíll end up knowing someone of influence in government? Either that or donít lose touch with that little Mod tweaker cause he might be able to curry favor in Congress later on down the road?

Today was a nice day because TA stayed home from school. He slept in while I went to yoga. After class, I came home, and we had lunch (chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches with sun-dried tomato,) a nooner and some tea. Then we came to my office to work and drank more tea and chatted. It was nice.

And now that the work day is done, we are off for celebratory cheeseburgers. What are we celebrating? Nothing!

7:06 p.m. - 2005-10-28



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