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Making the block

I had TA to myself all weekend! It was so nice. He’s even here right now, working alongside me in my studio. I feel very lucky.

Yesterday we went to Manhattan so that he could complete a school assignment which was: ride the M5 from Houston and La Guardia to the George Washington Bridge. New York City might look small on a map, but when you’re sitting in a bus for an hour and a half, it feels ginormous. Just ask my ass which was numb by the end of the ride, or TA’s fillings which were all loose. Thank god were able to catch an Express back down to the village. I had to pee and I was starving.

I had two FANTASTIC celebrity sightings while wandering about.

The first sighting:
At the Ricky’s on West 8th, I saw Toccara from ANTM (cycle… 3? Can’t remember) She was absolutely gorgeous, looked fit and radiant and was surrounded by a couple of bodyguard goons. It was very exciting! I was pretty uncool by LA standards and actually made eye contact with her. She seemed very comfortable with the attention she was getting, and you know what? Good for her! I rooted for her on that show and was bummed when “they” in Oprah-speak “broke her spirit.” Fortunately, her spirit looked jim-dandy at Ricky’s, let me tell you. Toccara has recovered.

The store, by the way, was insanity itself with shoppers frantically searching for Halloween costumes. I really needed antifrizz goo but there was no way in hell I was going to stay in that shop one second longer. I was starting to hyperventilate.

The second sighting:
Isaac Mizrahi! He was crossing 6th Ave and looked awesome. I love that man. Unzipped is one of my favorite documentaries. Fussy, finished!

The best part was walking past a little kid in a crummy ghost costume. TA and I made our best scary ghostly noises, and the kid just looked at us, shrugged his shoulders and said “boo.” It was hysterical.

5:36 p.m. - 2005-10-31



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