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Allons, les enfants de la Patrie...

Well, I managed to not only take the minutes for last nightís annoying condo assn (or should I say Ďassí?) meeting, but I managed to make it back to my apartment in time for ANTM. I may have missed the first 3-7 minutes of the show, but I did not miss any vital information. Those girls are going to London!

Good thing Iíve got my priorities straight.

The condo meeting itself was fine. The vote on the windows went exactly as Iíd hoped, meaning that the measure to have them all replaced was approved. Again. For the second time. The insurgent movement had no momentum, their issue had no traction, and most owners agreed that the capital improvement/property value factor outweighed the cost of having the work done.

The second issue was ousting to president, but as heíd already stepped down, the Gang of Three wanted to hold a vote on removing the presidentís successor. That measure was also defeated.

When all of this nonsense started, TA was furious and wanted to step down from the board. He thought people were behaving like babies. He had endless discussions with one of the chief Insurgents and had no luck breaking through to him. Some people just donít want to consider the shoe on the other foot, or listen to reason. ďDonít confuse me with facts. My mindís made upĒ is an expression my parents always use, and it is apt in describing the attitude of some of our neighbors. They go full metal demagogue when the procedures and bylaws are not followed to the letter but ask them to sacrifice their own selfish needs for the good of the group, and they invoke Ďdemocracyí! The nerve.

I want to say that the worst of it is over, but Iím sure itís not. The next meeting is sure to be mayhem.

3:58 p.m. - 2005-11-10



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