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Stepped on a pop top, blew out my...

Obviously the last few days have been a total drag.

In addition to having to cram a bunch of work in between the surreptitious crying fits, today my tire blew out on the freeway. Letís see: could this could have been more dramatic? Indeed.
- Was I in the fast lane? Yes, I was.
- Was there room on the shoulder for a car to stop? No, there was not.
- Was the Roadside Assistance phone number handy? No, it was not.
- Were cars screaming by with barely an inch of wiggle room? Yes, they were.
- Did I panic and drop the phone ten times? Yes, I did.
- Were there forty bazillion semis zooming past? Yes, there were.

You should see the tire. It is like a cartoon flat with giant rips and holes everywhere, like it exploded from within. I think I may have imploded too.

I feel like a cat on her 8th life, here. One miscalculation and itís curtains for me.

And I still havenít researched a hotel near TAís fatherís house! Gah! Poor TA has been doing his best to clean the place up, but how can one person singlehandedly clean a cat hair and dander-infested 2 bedroom house that hasnít seen a broom, mop, swiffer, dustrag or hepa filter in 10 years? I am going to have to pile Allegra on top of the Percocet in order to cope.

Iíve got to breathe and get back on task. I can relax at 9:09 tomorrow morning when the plane takes off for San Francisco. Thank god the tire blew out today, instead of tomorrow morning at 6 am.

10:58 a.m. - 2005-11-16



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