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Dis 'n dat, disjointed

I learned the best way to eat Thanksgiving leftovers last Friday.

Preheat the oven to 350°. While the oven is warming up, lay a slice of turkey down on a piece of aluminum foil, which is itself on a cookie sheet. Onto the turkey place one scoop of mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes or both, one scoop of stuffing, then top it all with a drizzle of cranberry sauce. Next put another slice of turkey on top of the whole thing (like it’s a sandwich without bread.) Grab another piece of aluminum foil, wrap the whole thing up so no steam escapes, then put your turkey tinfoil sculpture into the oven for 15-20 minutes.

While this is happening, heat your gravy on the stove. When the turkey “sandwich” is finally done, and you’ve got it unwrapped and steaming on your plate, pour gravy on it and devoure. It’s so yummy! And the best part is that it doesn’t taste reheated. I hate the taste of reheated poultry, and this is so much better than turkey tetrazzini or turkey soup or turkey what-have-you.

There used to be a funky restaurant on La Cienega in LA called the Cadillac Café. One of the best things on its menu was The Turkey Sundae. It looked just like an ice cream sundae except it was all savory, with instead of a cherry on top, an adorable little cranberry. Too bad the place went out of business. I used to love it.

The pecan pie we made for Thanksgiving had a delicious filling but the crust didn’t turn out well. Smarting from defeat, TA vowed to conquer crust and made this the following night. I cannot tell you how AMAZINGLY REFINED and AUTHENTICALLY FRENCH and MAGICALLY DELICIOUS this tart was. If I have anything to do with it, it will become his signature dish and he will have to make it every week until I weigh 400 pounds.

One of my favorite yoga teachers in NH is moving to Santa Monica. As a going away gift I am giving her my old Los Angeles Thomas Guide flagged with a million Post-Its of cool places to eat, shop, do yoga, walk around. I’m going to miss her.

4:29 p.m. - 2005-11-29



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