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Castorama glamorama!

Today I am warm thanks to a modern cashmiracle! I am wearing cashmere boyshorts ( culotte if you want to be technical,) a cashmere camisole (sold out? I no longer see these on the site) and a cashmere turtleneck.

Iíve also got electric and gas heating on, and Iíve been imbibing cup after cup of tea/hot chocolate/premade chai goop. I have to pee like every ten minutes.

Iím feeling pretty good in spite of this wee cold. Last night, TA came home at the mostly reasonable hour of 10:15pm and scolded me for not being in bed. It was sweetóhe tucked me in with the blankie Iíd wrapped myself in (on the sofa), brought me juice and an aspirin, then before I went to bed he enforced one full licorice-tasting (blech) dosage of NyQuil. I can never, ever think NyQuil without hearing Denis Learyís ďIím high as a kite, my teeth are green, merry fucking christmas!Ē So even though I nearly gagged on the medicine, at least I had something to giggle about.

This morning I woke up a little fuzzy but actually feeling pretty good. Kinda like a gentle hangover only not from booze, from NyQuil which is basically like 90% alcohol? Or something?

Since I felt woozy, I skipped yoga and instead was super productive at my studio. I finished a logo for a friend, and designed some holiday card options (I printed a sample out onto good paper and good goddamn, this new printer of mine kicks 57 kinds of ass! And my design ainít too shabby neither.) I bought tickets to the west coast, and brainstormed on some presents. I still have edits to make to the podiatry brochure, but Iím going to do those tomorrow cause right now Iím high on sugar and only want to do fun things!

5:31 p.m. - 2005-12-07



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