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Of Mice and Other Things

My Diaryland gold membership is almost up and like a lot of people, I am considering migrating to another host. I feel a little dirty confessing this, since Iíve always promoted Dland as the blog originator and you all know how I feel about imitators. I donít buy knockoffs for a reason. But I have to say that the siren song of free this and free image hosting is very tempting.

No sign of any other mice today. The trap is set, and thereís a piece of a mars bar in there. I found a mouse dropping on my desk, as well as one tiny little stripe of poop on my keyboard today. For all I know, Iím giving myself hanta virus by typing this. If thereís no entry tomorrow, call the parademics. Normally I would love to envision my world overrun with prancing and roaming mice a la Cinderella, but I am seriously grossed out.

Iíve actually thought about getting a cat as a solution to this mouse problem. As impractical as having a cat in my studio would be, for some reason it holds more allure than baiting and setting traps (and eventually liberating mice.) At least with a mouser of a cat, I would be assured of no mice EVER. I had a cat, and he caught mice and I was never sickened, not even when he would play with it, not even when he would present me with a little gutless-but-with-head-on mouse carcass.

Enough about that. Over the weekend, I:
- Watched Itís A Wonderful Life and cried like a baby. I always cry like a baby.
- Got a lot of nosebleeds. This always happens in the winter cause the inside of my nose gets really dry.
- Made holiday treats: chocolate cookies based on a Pierry Herme recipe, and tea time tassies. The Pierre Herme recipe calls for lots of cocoa, chopped bittersweet chocolate and fleur de sel (which adds a nice crunch and a beautiful counterpoint to the cocoa.) Not to get all Chocolat et Zucchini about it, but they are divine. The tassies are an old favorite of mine because they are like mini jewels of gooey pecan pieness.
- Bought a panettone and toasted it for breakast. We always did this as kids, and itís always tasted like Christmas to me. A nice way to toast TAís last week at school. One semester down, three to go!
- Wrote and mailed 3/4 of our holiday cards. My printer ran out of ink just as the last one rolled out. Thank god for good timing.
- Cleaned and conditioned my black MJ handbag, and my black boots.

Iím thinking that when TAís break starts on Friday, so will mine. Iím done for 2005.

6:22 p.m. - 2005-12-12



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