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Building a better mousetrap

Ladies and gentlemen: a mouse update

I believe the mice are too small/light to set the traps. Last night I put a little chunklet of Mr Goodbar in there, and this morning the chocolate was gone but the trap was wide open, waiting for customers.

The good news? The mice are small. The bad news? Iíve got to come up with some other plan, or find more sensitive traps. I could dream up a Disney fantasy where I cohabitate with the mice, and they use my studio at night to craft lovely dresses for Cinderella, but I know itís pointless. Iíve been told that I should learn to live with them, but Iím uneasy with that proposition. As much as Iíd like to think of my furry friends using my studio during off-hours to design couture ballgowns, I donít want my space overrun with vermin.

The other good news? Mice are not roaches. For some reason, roaches give me way bigger heebies jeebies than mice. Perhaps because they are not even a smidge cute?

Today Iíve got an appt with Dr B, the rheumatologist. Iím not 100% sure if today is the day I get trained to inject myself with medicine. Drí Bís assistant was supposed to contact my insurance company to make sure they would cover the treatment. I think the assistant was then supposed to call me and let me know if Cigna was ok with the injections, if they preferred one medicine over another, or if they wanted to me to drop the shots and instead go for the infusions? I love how Iím ďempoweredĒ to research different drug options, but when it comes to letting me know something, the doctors are not ďempoweredĒ to use a telefuckingphone.

I havenít given much serious thought to giving myself shotsóIíve been distracted by other things. I guess I might be a little scared? Iím approaching the injections the way I approach getting a wax: yes itís freaky and kind of scary and it might hurt, but once itís over, youíre clear for a while. In this case, though, I donít get to wait a month before getting my hair ripped out again. Iíve got to prick myself twice a week. For a year.

Canít wait to call United and find out what their Homeland Security policy is on travelling with needles. Thatíll be fun.

2:01 p.m. - 2005-12-15



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