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Brimming with optimism... is it LA or did I catch something on the plane?

A few things:
- Last week, I was in New York on a day when it was freezing cold, and as I was walking to Soho I passed a little kid on a street corner. He was all bundled up, standing at a card table with a giant thermos and little sign that said “Hot Apple Cider. $1” I swear to God, I wanted to hug that boy so bad. Manhattan kids are tough. They don’t let a little thing like weather get in the way of their ambition.
- Thursday morning we heard a horrible crunch, a crash, and shattering glass outside our window. We jumped out of bed (it was 2:45am) and saw a totally mangled car on our street corner. It didn’t seem like anyone was in there, but after a minute or so, a dazed woman got out the passenger’s side, covered in white powder. She had an “oh shit” moment then backed slowly away from the car and proceeded to do a sort of run/walk away from the scene of the accident. Within seconds, there were two cop cars and one immediately took off after the woman. The whole shebang took hours, with cop cars coming and going, with the driver of the car finally getting nabbed (we missed this part.)

We’re in LA now and it’s awesome. Just touching down at LAX sent shivers down my arms. The smog, the tramp stamps on girls’ lower backs, the Paris Hilton wannabes… ahhh, home.

Today I got my hair cut and it was expertly blown out and I look like a totally different girl. It’s perfect for the new year’s party that I’m attending this evening—the theme is Hollywood Premiere and my locks are red carpet ready. The party will feature klieg lights and the debut of my friends’s short film. I’ll insert a link when they send me the url (so that you can vote and greenlight it.)

Today I also saw Matchpoint. It’s good.

I feel like a tubbo here. If there’s a geographic fat index, I’d say that LA is the skinniest city in the US with New York a few select pounds behind (and by “behind” I’m not talking about junk in the trunk.) A lot of the pudge I feel is the result of 1.5 months of Prednisone and I am anxious for my normal diet and exercise habits to take a bit out of my pudge. Although TA likes to point out that I need a little pudge for my injections…

Speaking of injections, today I didn’t angle the needle very well. It wasn’t truly at a 45 degree angle upon insertion, and it kind of hurt. Must. Not. Do. That. Again. Lesson. Learned.

Time for me to primp. Can I tell you how very excited I am about 2006? I can practically smell the opportunities and I’m looking forward to strategizing about my life’s direction. This new year is going to be WAY better than the last.

8:49 p.m. - 2005-12-31



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