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Randy Newman, eat your heart out!

I walked into a pair of new glasses at LA Eyeworks. I had no intention of spending money at that point in the day, but seriously. I walked into the store, scanned the shelves and gasped AUDIBLY when I laid eyes on the frames. The gaydorable salesguy said “Now THAT is love at first sight” and he ran over to me so make sure I wasn’t going to faint. The crazy thing is, on New Year’s Eve I told TA that one of my resolutions for 2006 was to get new glasses—I wanted different frames, and ones that made me feel sexy.

One of my resolutions has come true! It’s only been 2 days! Yay 2006! I love you already. Photos t/k once I get lenses put in.

I forgot to mention that TA and Harriet nearly got run over by Andy Ro0ney in Burbank the other day. The old man can’t drive and he’s a menace.

Today at the Bean & Tea at the corner of Robertson and Beverly, I saw that asshole creative director from this show. He is even weasel-ier and trendorifically LA cheesy than on television, if you can even imagine such a thing. Jonathan’s snarky remarkys were well deserved.

Since we were on Robertson, we had makeovers at MAC (Harriet’s soon-to-be sister-in-law did us right.) I bought some concealer, some blush and eyeliner. Thank god I got some last minute work from one of my clients. It’s really helping to pay for some of these crazysexycool indulgences.

Don’t forget to watch my friends’short film and greenlight it so it gets aired…

9:52 p.m. - 2006-01-02



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