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Dr. Kevorkian, here I come!

We just got back from looking at the surf at Pleasure Point. It is going off; the waves are stacked like corduroy to the horizon. It’s warm, and I got to drink my cappuccino while watching surfers float and rush on the water. California days like these are really beautiful.

Of course, the beauty must end. In about an hour, we are off to visit TA’s grandmother at a home. It is one of the most depressing places on earth—old women whispering to stuffed animals, drooling ladies zonked out on medication, the room heated to a balmy 95 and everyone in shawls and throws… if that’s what my old lady life is going to be like, kill me now. Or at the very least, buy me a membership with the Hemlock Society.

As for TA’s father, he is a mess. He’s not just dealing with Life Without Spouse, he’s having to relearn LIFE. The man doesn’t know how to make a bed, or (apparently) use a broom. He doesn’t know how to tell when a sponge is past its prime, and he can’t tell the difference between:
- a telephone receiver and a television remote
- peanuts and cat food

Watching a man answer the remote, then snack on cat food while he downs a liter of Sauvignon Blanc (make sure to prounounce the ‘c’) is disturbing.

I think today may be a Percocet day!

Ps: thanks to everyone’s efforts, my friends’ film
has made the Top Ten at current.tv. Yay!

1:19 p.m. - 2006-01-06



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