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I somehow caught another cold. I fear this is going to be my life for the next 20 years as I live with a depleted immune system thanks to these fucked up drugs I have to take.

On that note, Iíve discovered that the RA drug with which I inject myself twice weekly? It is made from Chinese hamster ovary cells! Thank god Iím not a PETA member. Iíd have to throw blood on myself or picket my own apartment. If you see me stuffing food in my cheeks, or burrowing inside old newspapers for warmth, take the syringes away.

The cheeks that may or may not be stuffed with kibble will look even more snuggly small-animal cute now that Iíve got new makeup for them. At my MAC makeover, I bought some blush (color: cheek) and it truly does match my cheeks when theyíre flushed. Aptly named. I also bought some eyeliner (color: brun. Itís actually shadow but I use it as a liner with my trusty #266 brush), and some concealer.

Exciting, I know.

Last night I watched part of the Golden Globes just after I got home from yoga. The only thing that made me swoon was not even a thing, it was a person. The person who always makes me swoon.

Adrien Brody, why must you torture me?

The cloud I was on was swiftly punctured by the sight of Drew Barrymoreís unharnessed breasts. Girl needs some support! WTF?

12:48 p.m. - 2006-01-17



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