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Burning donuts of fire

This is one of my favorite Indian vegetarian restaurants on the planet. There is only one branch of the Chennai-based chain in all of California (in Sunnyvoid. Go there on a weekday when it is Full Metal Indian. The people watching is fantastic) but I just discovered that they opened a restaurant in New York! In September! How did I not know this? I read the NY Times fanatically!

I cannot wait to head into Manhattan with TA for some donuts of fire. This is what a friend of mine calls their vada—crispy little lentil donuts served with different chutneys including an impossibly delicious one made of coconut. I don’t care how perfunctory-bordering-on-rude their service is, those donuts are totally worth it.

This weekend, we tore apart my studio and didn’t really put it back together. I’m working in an absolute stye and to make matters worse:
- the G3 which I use as a scanning station and as my iTunes jukebox DOES NOT WANT TO SEND A SIGNAL OUT to the monitor anymore
- The DSL router doesn’t want to work either so nothing is networked

This is the part about rearranging your electronic equipment that I don’t like. Invariably, the simple of act of unplugging and replugging causes every piece of machinery to stop talking to everything else, somehow cards get loose, systems break down… Gah.

1:18 p.m. - 2006-01-23



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