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They're anti-dentites!

TA bought me a new monitor with his student discount. The prices at the bookstore were too cheap to pass up and now I have a 20” flat panel Apple display. Yay. I can’t believe I’ve been killing my eyes for so many years with my 10 year old ancient Sony.

The monitor is coming in really handy because I’m busy these days. I wish I were busy with clients who paid more, but isn’t this the Designer’s/Freelancer’s Lament?

I’ve been watching and re-watching Wong Kar Wai’s 2046. It is so thrillingly gorgeous to look at that I feel I must subject myself to it repeatedly to fully absorb every color, composition, and subtlety. He truly is my favorite contemporary filmmaker. I want to live in Christopher Doyle’s lense. I only wish I had In The Mood For Love as well, so that I could watch the films back to back.

We are moving, and not fast enough. We had a delicious Vietnamese dinner with our NH friends on Saturday night, and though the food was tasty, the company was a total letdown. They are boring! We have nothing to talk about! I feel like whenever we are with them, it’s the rue-madame and TA show—we do all the talking, tell the most stories, then feel immediately guilty if we mention international travel, cultural adventures, snowboarding and surfing safaris… I went off on the poor quality of the dental care I received here, and it was one of those “Oh shit, how does my shoe taste?” moments when I realized too late—TOO LATE!— that the wife unit of one of the couples had recently INTENTIONALLY opted to have a tooth removed (and not repaired!) because she didn’t want to have a root canal. And she has dental insurance!!!!

TOOTHLESS PEOPLE!!! This is what our social options are!

My, how the mighty have fallen…

5:33 p.m. - 2006-01-31



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