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I'm just here to help

I learned something new.

Those Coinstar machines at the supermarket? The ones that exact a fee for separating and tallying your coins?

You can donate all of your change (no fee!) to charity! That is so genius!

Today, I donated all of my change to UNICEF. That was cool. Most of it was pennies, a coin denomination that I think is absolutely useless. Do you know the main reason why the US Mint continues to make stupid pennies? Because we all have jars of them at home, and as a result, there arenít enough in circulation. Get those pennies back out there!

You can also turn your change into gift certificates for yourself (in case youíre not feeling philanthropic.)

Iím so glad I know about this now.

Oh, and to the humorless person who signed my guestbook: jeez louise, lighten up.

3:36 p.m. - 2006-02-01



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