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Hardly snowbound

So yeah, the skies dumped around 18-24 inches of snow on us. It snowed steadily from Saturday night through Sunday afternoon, and then it stopped.

The NH green was really pretty. We took a walk around 4 pm yesterday to go look at it in all its white-blanketed, Thomas Kincade-esque New England ďthis is the church, this is the steepleĒ quaintness.

Today is fine. The streets are not as plowed as I would insist upon if I were mayor, but you can hardly expect people to live up to my ridiculous standards. I barely live up to them!

Iím still mystified by how seldom the streets are cleared of snow, in a place where it routinely snows in the winter. Shouldnít there just be battalions of plows at the ready? Working non-stop once the snow abates? This morning, downtown NH still had 4 to 7 inches of chunky uneven snow on the street surfaces, and cars were swerving out of control through intersections. Thank god we had the sense and resources to get a car with all-wheel drive.

I love it when itís cold out. Itís an excuse to read the New York Times cover to cover, bake and drink hot apple cider. For breakfast on Sunday I made a cinnamon coffee cake while TA did homework, then in the evening we switched cooking duties and TA made an Alsacian tarte ŗ líoignon (Zewalawaia) for dinner. After some more homework, we watched a little Olympic snowboarding.

You know, I love the Olympics. I love all that brotherhood crap, and I have a cubic ton of respect for true athletes. But those 18 year old halfpipe kids? Are they really athletes? On the same level as a Bruce Jenner? Or a Jackie Joyner Kersee? Maybe Iím old, but I feel like introducing halfpipe and freestyle skiing to the Olympics was simple pandering to a younger demographic. I donít know who they were pandering to with the Curling, though. Is there a broom lobby that Iím unaware of?

Speaking of Curling, when TA and I were in Montreal last summer, he bought himself a Canadian Olympic team jacket. He wore it to a party in LA, and everyone kept asking him if he was Canadian.

ďNo, Iím not Canadian,Ē waving his cocktail around, ďbut I am a champion hurler!Ē

5:11 p.m. - 2006-02-13



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