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I see trends

The same way that I am pissed off about everyone annointing Thom Browne as the Great New Designer, I am mad as hell that people are finally paying attention to Raf Simons.

Where the hell have these folks been? I have been practically making myself hoarse screaming about how awesome these two men are FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS NOW. And I don’t even work in fashion. I just pay attention!

I shouldn’t be mad. I should be happy that Thom and Raf are finally being recognized for their genius. And I should be happy that the more publicity they get, the more likely I will be able to see their clothes in stores.

And I should pat myself on the back for being visionary.

I predicted the whole 1970s San Fernando Valley porn aesthetic years ago (pre-Boogie Nights, mind you.) I Nostradamously also anticipated the return of the 90s Belgian/early 80s Japanese look currently mined by both MJ and the Kaiser. Mark my words: you will soon be hearing about how wrists are the new eroticized feature.

Anytime you ladies—Anna, Carine, Irma Zandl, Faith Popcorn—wanna chat, I’m available.

6:03 p.m. - 2006-02-21



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