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Right for my type

Exciting developments chez rue-madame:
- Dr B the rheumatologist has switched me from twice weekly 25mg injections of Enbrel, to a once weekly 50 mg shot. This is good on a number of levels, the most important being that I will bruise less. Bruises are unsightly, but they do have an advantage: when a bruise develops, you know exactly where you shot yourself last and you avoid that spot. Injection site infections are common so itís nice to have that little reminder. Dr B also said that if I feel ok, I can start tapering off the anti-inflammatory, so now I take 500mg of Naproxen every other day (instead of 500mg twice a day, every day.)
- I have also decided to try some diet changes to see if they have any effect on inflammation levels, joint pain and creakiness, and general health. Iím not doing anything too crazy, just hewing to the Blood Type diet recommendations, eating mostly dairy- and wheat-free (Hello, quinoa! Hello, spelt! Hello, Ezekiel bread!) TA made some amazing-looking chocolate chip cookies the other night, and I didnít so much as sneak a bite of batter. That is some self-control.
- If living dairy- and wheat-free sounds horrible (as it did to me at first) do not think bland! I have found lots of ways to make super yummy food that goes beyond the boring stuff listed in the book, and on the website. For example, the other night, I made a Laurent Tourondel lemon rosemary roast chicken and it was magically delicious. Thank god butter is not completely verboten for my blood typeóI shoved 3/4 of a stick of butter under the breastsí skin! The butter was mixed with chopped up rosemary, onion and preserved lemon (love this stuff;) as the slurry melted into the roasting pan, I suctioned it up and basted the chicken with it. The skin was crispy, golden and had a nice snap.

Iíll write more later. Right now, Iíve got to call the printer, make some tea and think about lunch.

11:35 a.m. - 2006-03-07



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