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Je participe au passé

Call me crazy, but I’m lately obsessed with acquiring a Bessa R camera.

As the world becomes more and more digital, I am more and more interested in things that are totally manual.

For example today we went to a giant bicycle sale so that TA could get some things for his road bike. We mistakenly walked into the actual big bicycle blowout section, and some guy approached me saying, “Are you looking for a bike?”

And TA replied, “She’s real picky. She wants a Pee-Wee bike. I don’t think you have those.”

Bike Guy: “Oh, you mean a cruiser? We have those.”

Me: “No, not the new ones. They’re too big for me, anyway. They’re too modern. I want something really old.”

I could hardly explain to this guy that what I really want is a heavy black bike, the kind that Parisians and Dutch folks tool around on. I even like the Swedish kind. I don’t want anything high-tech, I don’t want light or aerodynamic, I don’t want sporty.

I never want what’s available or practical. I always want something from the Land Before Time or My Birth. Which means everything has to be researched and tagged at Ebay. Sometimes I wish I could just be in the present, want what’s available and be satisfied.

Like with the camera. It’s basically a Leica M, but much cheaper. There’s nothing automatic about it. And what do you know, it looks like it comes from the 50s.

5:31 p.m. - 2006-04-01



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