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Some good, some bad

TAís project got into that show in Pisa! We jumped up and down, Tracy Flick-style for at least 10 minutes!

After one year of grad school, TA can claim to have work shown internationally. This, coupled with his many ID awards and accolades, is a portend of even greater things to come. Iím super excited for him.

Unfortunately flights to Italy are prohibitively expensive (the show happens May 20-22, so not a lot of lead time for us.) Weíve got all the cheapie flight bots scrolling deals across every computer screen in my studio, but all blinking signs are pointing to non andremo.


Iím looking into flying into London or Paris and switching to Ryan Air or SleasyJet, but Iím managing my expectations. Itís way short notice, and with fuel costs so steep, it would literally be a miracle to find a $500 flight.

GrrrÖ I knew I shouldnít have used so many miles to see my stupid family in December! Why did I redeem hard-earned miles to be miserable?* I could be using them RIGHT NOW to do something fun that didnít make me feel like a shitty person.

Lesson learned.

Speaking of family, thereís more bullshit going on, more lies, more people being told not to tell me shit, and the worst part? My birth parents are actually in on it! Oh yes, Iím starting to call my parents ďbirth parentsĒ because I feel like thatís all they deserve credit for. They have reservations in the 8th circle of hell, Ditch number 6 to be exact. My younger sisterís room is slightly lower, somewhere in Ditch 9.

I hate ranting about the F-word. Itís boring. They suck. Letís leave it at that.

Instead I will tell you that I finally got an upgraded prescription for my new glasses (everything is so sharp and crystal clear!,) I watched and really liked Grizzly Man, and also went to a matinee of Friends with Money. To celebrate the end of TAís second semester, we had a Vietnamese lunch of bun (one of my favorite food groups,) then we walked over to the School of Architecture to check out the Frank Lloyd Wright Skyscraper show (it was cool to see the book Mr Bingo and I designed so prominently displayed.) I made cardamom cookies, we made hot fudge sundaes (not on the same day as the cookies,) we played Pac Man on our tv, and my new jeans arrived and fit perfectly.

Iím trying to focus on all the positive things in the world. Puppies, and cuteoverload and my birthday next Wednesday.

* correction: I used those same miles to spend time with friends, so there was some good to come of redemptionÖ hey, isnít that what redemption is all about, anyway?

5:49 p.m. - 2006-05-05



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