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Iíve been trying to think of an apt title to this birthday entry and this is all Iíve come up with:

I spent a whole day in Chuck Taylors and lived to tell.

I didnít get home until 2:30 am, and the train was a complete zoo of drunk teenagers high on Pinback, loaded and belligent Yankees and Red Sox fans. There was age-inappropriate flirting between 27 year olds and jailbait, vomiting, trash throwing between seats/aisles, open hostility and the threat of physical violence.

What a way to cap my birthday!

The good parts?
- lunch at Pastis
- Girlshop: Iíve shopped online at the site since it debuted, and have always wondered about the real, live store. Well you know what? Itís fun! The people who work there are chatty and awesome, and I canít imagine a better shopping experience. I was happy to part with more of my money (on more J Brand jeans. Hey if they fit, I have to buy.)
- Christian Louboutin jewelbox of a shop. So cute!
- Seeing Shannon , runner up Top Model from ANTMís first season. Ladies and gentlemen, she was on her way back from a go-see! Nice to know Elyse isnít the only one making use of her Mad Modelling Skillz.
- Meeting the directors of this film . They are smart and creative and cool. These are the sorts of people you befriend when you hang with Mr Bingo!
- Dinner with Bingo and nice present from him
- Talking to GdeP while I was browsing at Tootsie Plohound
- Cupcakes
- TAís school show
- Talking to a non-nitwit MJ employee about my tattered coat, and my handbags which are missing some hardware
- Presents including a beautiful, super Mod Pucci scarf from TA and adorable little cups from Harriet
- Lots of phone calls, lots of ecards

I am wiped out. Time for a nap.

3:09 p.m. - 2006-05-11



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