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Hair apparent

One writing assignment finished, four new illustrations to start, two new ads for Doogie Howser, and possibly another book interior to design. If I didnít have such awful cramps, Iíd jump on one or all of these right now. As it is, I just want to take a Percocet and curl up into a ball.

By some miracle (called menstruation?), I slept til 10:30 on Sunday. So, having spent almost half the day in bed, I decided to take the rest of it off. We read 90% of the NYT while drinking coffee, then took the last 10% with us to breakfast. I was anticipating hordes of families out for Motherís Day, but it wasnít so bad (and anyway, we went to a little hole in the wall, or rather, a little hole in the ground, to get bagels with cream cheese and jam.) Iím sure if weíd gone to our #1 or #2 choice breakfast spots, the wait alone would have killed us.

Breakfast was courtesy of a 5 dollar bill TA found in the Circuit City parking lot.

After a little bit of straighening up, we took in a matinee of the Bettie Page movie. Itís a little slip of a film, but in typical Mary Harron fashion, it looks and sounds awesome. I enjoyed the play between the grainy bits, the black and white and the supersaturated color. The costumes (and naturally, the underpinnings) were fab, and damn, how I wish I could have perfect little, stylized Bettie Page/LA Chola bangsÖ

Related to hair, as you know, TA gave me a Pucci scarf for my birthday. Iíve been wearing it in my hair, sort of headband-like, and I love it. As soon as the weather gets warmer, Iím going to toss my white gucci loafers, sunglasses and gold hoops into the mix. Iím going to be so Jackie on Capri. If only I or TA were as rich as Aristotle OnassisÖ

I need a vacation. Itíd really be nice to go to Capri. All I can afford right now is the pants.

5:49 p.m. - 2006-05-15



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