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A list because that’s about all the energy I have right now:
- my favorite TV show ’s 3rd season premieres tonight. I’m excited, but this feeling is unreasonable.
- I really didn’t enjoy the last issue of W with the whole Madonna portfolio. I am getting really tired of these promotion machines (in this case, promoting her upcoming tour) masquerading as fashion editorial, you know? The photos were like stills from an unmade music video—a boring video. I am, like everyone else, in awe of her physical condition but that doesn’t necessarily make the photos more interesting. At the most, I scrutinize the close-ups searching for surgery scars and the like (“oxygen facials” are responsible for her tight, wrinkle-free complexion? How stupid do you think we are?) Anyway, Vogue and Bazaar were also boring.
- I realized this weekend when I pulled a batch of flat, horrible looking cupcakes that our oven is fucked up. Of 18 cupcakes, only 4 are any good. I was hoping to take them to a party, but they were so lame I whipped up more tiramisu instead. We’ve been putting off buying new appliances for our kitchen (for the day when we have money and time to redo everything) but we may need to rethink that plan.
- Have you all tasted Pakistani food? I had some last night, and it was delicious.
- Saw Art School Confidential and as much as I love Daniel Clowes, I think the movie was too cynical even for me. And I’m a cynic! There were parts I really enjoyed (pretty much any scene with John Malkovich) but I was overall disappointed. We should have snuck into the showing of “Clean” in the adjacent theater.
- It is very hot and increasingly very humid. I cannot wait to be in Northern California!
- I have an appt with Dr B the Rheumatologist this Thursday. I am hoping she has good news for me—“good news” means she will take away one or more medications, or “fantasy good news” tell me that I’m cured (yeah, right.)
- Bresaola with arugula, olive oil, lemon and parmesan shavings is really, really good.

11:43 a.m. - 2006-05-30



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