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Planning stages of a road trip...

Have I talked about our new neighbors yet?

They are awesome. I am so glad they live in our building.

They are both brainiac scientists, from Manhattan, and completely hilarious. We’ve had dinner + drinks with them twice, and we totally see eye to eye. It’s cool to have made friends with folks with a similar world view and a similar distaste for New Haven’s Brutalist architecture.

I may miss them when we are in California.

So I think we’ve decided to leave this Saturday. The car is going to the shop today, to make sure that it’s primed for the drive across the country. We are making lists, eating as much as we can so that the fridge is empty and can be unplugged… it’s nerve-wracking.

This morning I was wide awake at 5 am. I tried faking sleep, but at 6 I gave up the ghost and now I’m showered and already working in my studio.

We are going to ship TA’s bicycle out west, and perhaps stuff the package with cds to sell at Amoeba. I’m bringing all of my computer crap, as well as some artwork that needs to be framed (I only trust one frameshop, and it just happens to be in SF.) I cannot wait to see the Greatest Facialist In The World, and also, eat burritos until I explode.

Gah! Work beckons…

8:26 a.m. - 2006-06-05



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