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I can't wait for Friday night at 6:30 pm

We’re staying in the Log Cabin place our first night on the road. I think it will be hilarious and a fun way to kick off the road trip. Besides, the way this week has been we really deserve a room with taxidermy, horns and a whirlpool.

The car was in the shop on Monday. It was making horrible clunking sounds whenever we’d go over potholes and uneven road. We got the car back from the shop yesterday, paid crazy money for the repair, and you know what? The car was still making a clunkclunk sound! So TA took it back to the shop this morning, complained and demanded another look. They took it back to the “shop” and returned the car to us with a shrug. “We didn’t hear anything. It’s probably fine.”

Fucking hell!

When I came back from yoga, there was a note on my desk from TA. It cracked me up.

He brings da funk, too.

The best part in this story? When TA finally got back to my studio, with the allegedly repaired car, he received an email from one of the dealer/shop’s big whigs. It said:

“I understand you had your car serviced recently and have concerns with the noise that is emanating from the car. At this point you may want to consider trading in the car for something new or possibly certified pre-owned. If you have any interest in doing so please feel free to email me or call with the number listed below. Hope all is well.”

You should have seen the smoke coming out of TA’s nostrils! He was practically bucking and bronco-ing. He immediately fired off a reply.

“Thanks for your concern. My car is a Certified Pre-Owned Audi and is still under warrantee yet I am still paying lots of money to keep it rolling. If you think I am buying another German car, you are insane.

Toyota, oh what a feeling...”

4:48 p.m. - 2006-06-07



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