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Walking in LA

We had lunch on the F0x lot. We ate in the famous commissary with the vintage murals (I sat across from an adorable Shirley Temple face floating above the word “Hollywood.”) We were seated a few tables away from superproducer Brian Graz3r.

For the record: his hair really is that crispy-gelled. TA thinks it’s his way of detracting from his skeletor features.

In true LA fashion, I ordered off the low-carb menu and had a grilled flat iron steak with a shallot reduction on a pile of delicious spinach. The whole shebang was expensed by my best friend who’s now a high-powered entertainment exec. She’s so high-powered, in fact, that the staff in the commissary calls her by her first name, and always remembers that she likes Sugar In The Raw in her iced tea and they bring it to her table without having to be asked.

After lunch, we walked over the lot’s café for some espresso and I got checked out by at least 10 cute guys. Perhaps it was just a case of “fresh meat, haven’t seen her around here before” but whatever: it was nice to be checked out by good-looking boys. CT is a sex-appeal vacuum. It’s nice to be reminded that other people, not just your boyfriend, think you’ve got something going on.

On the cupcake front, I now have a new favorite: Sprinkles . Their cupcakes are superior to all the ones I’ve tasted before in my life, my own included. The dark chocolate one (dark chocolate cake, bittersweet chocolate frosting all made with Caillebaut) is absolutely delicious. The cake is moist with a rich cocoa flavor and light crumb, and the frosting is true bittersweet chocolatey without being too sweet. It’s the only cupcake that has made me go, “You know, if this were a whole cake, I’d totally order it for my birthday.” And you know how particular I am about birthday cakes.

I would move back to LA for those cupcakes. Seriously. That amazing. Obviously the cupcake at this point is a gimmick and past-trend, but these make you forget all that crap: exceptional cake is exceptional cake.

Other LA news: Barneys was having a sale and TA got a cute Trovata T and some groovy Loomstate jeans. I helped him shop, and only managed to try on the sluttiest looking MJ shoes on the planet (that I would never in a million years buy.) I also tried on some Christian Louboutin flats, but they only had them in gold, and that is not my color.

We also saw a small show of James Turrell’s most recent pieces, and it was gorgeous and mind-blowing. What he’s doing with perception, boundaries, color and light will forever change the way you think of time, your senses and their/your edges. We were the only ones in the gallery and we spent nearly 2 hours there, totally undisturbed. We both came away inspired and awe-struck.

What else, what else? Oh, TA and his team won the award for Best Toy and giant toy manufacturer might want to produce it.

11:27 a.m. - 2006-06-29



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