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I've got whiplash, we're going so fast

A crazy coupla days. Every time I think things will slow down, they just speed up and hurtle forward.

Like my friends’ baby who yesterday turned one month old? That kid looks different from a week ago! My friend (the father) was trying to make me feel bad about not having picked up the kid. You know, in my experience, parents don’t like people to just grab for their kid. For one thing, when they’re really tiny, you need to wash/disinfect your hands. Anyway, I wasn’t lunging for the baby because I was just waiting for them to offer when they were comfortable. Only my friend interpreted this as my not wanting to.

So he started to throw his voice, pretending to talk as the baby.

“Auntie M, why do you hate me?”

“Auntie M, don’t you like babies?”

It was very funny, and after I explained why I wasn’t grabbygrabby, I said, “I will hold him. For spite.”

The kid was crying and fussy, and guess what? I worked my magic. He calmed down, and fell asleep.

So now my new nickname is: Auntie M, the Baby Whisperer.

I stunned my friend into stammering, “I didn’t know you were motherly.”

I like little babies as much as the next person, but more importantly, I don’t like to be underestimated.

Other developments:
- my parents left for France yesterday. I had dinner with them Saturday night, and seriously, if it weren’t for my father, I would never visit. My mother is bipolarly crackers.
- MuchoMacho, my Mexican cousin, is turning out to be not so bad a character. He is still sort of pathetic (uh, he attended a Tony Robbins seminar in San Jose last weekend?) but he is lonely and in desperate need of friends. TA asked him about YoungerSister’s husband, and MuchoMacho said, “He seeme very controlling of her, but maybe this is what she wants?”
- YoungerSister is already pregnant and when she told me over the phone, I was so startled, I didn’t really handle the situation very well. I now need to make amends because how terrible for her to tell my parents, and have them not be super excited, and then tell one of her sisters and have that one not be super excited?
- New groovy red shoes from Camper
- The espresso machine is being repaired, and the shop owner is such a lovely, adorable queen. He gave us a big discount on the repair, AND a free sentimental gift. It was a wonderful SF moment.

I’ve got jump in the shower now. We are headed to Santa Cruz to visit TA’s father. I’ve got a pocket of Percocet at the ready.

10:16 a.m. - 2006-07-03



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