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I put my subscriptions to W and Vogue on hold for the summer, and Iím sort of regretting it. I saw some issues at the market yesterday and craved reading them. We were in a hurry so I only had enough time to flip through the photos of that lollipop actress (you know, too-skinny anorexic body, giant round head?)

I know itís better this way. Last time I tried to forward the magazines, it didnít work. At least this way, Iím not losing money.

My summer shoes are a hit, especially with TA. Theyíre comfortable, red leather with red rubber, make me a smidge taller and have a little Minnie Mouse vibe. The cartoonishness just cracks me up every time I slip them on. They have nothing whatsoever to do with my normal aesthetic but I think this is why they work with the few clothes I brought with me.

By the way, all of our SF friends freak out when they see me holding our friendsí baby. I think itís funny that no one ever counted on me having a maternal bone? I think everyone has thisówhat leads people to take care of pets? Or look after their plants or apartment? Or maintain friendships for millions of years? Itís the same impulse in my book.

Anyway, lots of folks have been all, ďyouíre next!Ē as if just the act of holding and gurgling at a baby is a sign youíre ready to spawn your own. Patently ridiculous.

My parents are in France for two months. You are all free to roam around SF without worrying youíre going to be run down (my father thinks heís an F1 driver) or emotionally clobbered (by my mother. Could happen anywhere, but most likely at the Stonestown Nordstrom. Shop away!)

Iíve got a new project to work on, and the prelim ideas are due Monday. Must get cracking!

9:36 a.m. - 2006-07-05



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