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I California

Weíve been doing our laundry at our friendsí house, and the other night I forgot to bring our soap so I used theirs, and oh my god! I am walking around in a cloud of Tide and Downy. How can people use this stuff? Itís so toxic! My tactful veil of LíEau par Kenzo is powerless.

Last night I remembered to bring our eco-stuff which I love. On top of being phosphate- and petroleum distillate-free, itís scented with lavender essential oil but itís not overpowering. The clothes end up smelling clean, not overly perfumey.

Also, it has been almost two years since I did laundry in a typical top-loading American machine and I am stunned at how in a few weeks, my clothes seem older and more worn. I am so glad I spent the extra $ to get a front-loading European. Not only does our little machine at home use 1/4 of the water an American machine uses, but it washes more efficiently and more gently.

American machines are faster, yes, but I think when it comes to laundry, it might be better to be the tortoise?

Oh, and I seldom dry. I value my clothes too much to cook them and destroy fibers.

Anyway, I shouldnít complain because I am not spending quarters on laundry. AND I get to spend time with our friends, eating burritos and watching television which is super awesome!

Iím still working on some prelim designs for a client. I got a 1 day extension which I think I will use. I thought about this when I was in downdog this morning. Another little thing to be happy about (besides the bottomless Mexican food supply in California, friends 3 minutes away, streaming KCRW and listening t Jonesy on 103.1 in LA, ripe avocadoes, and Mighty Leaf jasmine tea.)

1:29 p.m. - 2006-07-06



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