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Grabbing the world by the short hairs

One thing I’d forgotten about Brazilian waxes is how afterwards? You pee all crooked and crazy. There’s nothing, uh, down there to aid the flow of urine and direct into a neat little stream.

I tried a new salon, and the aesthetician was great. She had the most beautifully groomed brows, and I can’t wait to go see her for mine. The other super bonus is that she’s an SF native like me so we chitchatted about all sorts of commonalities. It was cool.

Plus she totally got my stupid ZZ Top joke, and even sang “She’s got legs…”

I was a bit early to my appointment so I checked out Neiman’s (when did it get so ginormous?) I wanted to try on some Nicole Richie-esque sunglasses. There was of course a GIANT man standing right in FRONT of the EXACT pair I wanted to try on, so I had to leave. I was feeling very impatient. And you guys, he was seriously SO HUGE, like a MONOLITH blocking the sun!

With the 10 remaining minutes, I ran into Zara and freaked out about how much cute stuff is over there right now. I need to go back on a day when I don’t have to do things by the clock and can take time to do more than browse.

I also the cuuutest Christian Louboutin maryjanes. I need another pair of maryjanes like I need a hole in the head (I own three pairs already) but they were so adorable, they almost made me forget about the Christopher Bailey Burberry ones that are practically to die for. I mean look at them! They are precious!

Around 3:45 I called up Tracy (whom I haven’t seen since we’ve been here) and said, “Hey, I’m downstairs from your office! Wanna meet for a coffee?” and she was super surprised and excited. And it was super fun and exciting of course! We drank iced coffees at Yerba Buena and gossiped for over an hour and it was the highlight of the day. I miss her.

I’m so happy I turned my frown upside down! I so needed a Play Day.

6:59 p.m. - 2006-07-21



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