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A bright spot on the horizon

I am trying to salvage the weekend’s depress-o-rama visit to Santa Cruz by planning fun things this week. I should mention that TA tried to salvage Sunday ON Sunday by insisting we stop at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Aw, so quaint…

So on the fun agenda:

Today I drove into the City to pick up TA’s espresso machine and the fancy jeans he had altered. I magically found street parking in North Beach without having to drive around and around. That’s something to be happy about. I even got a lesson in proper denim cleaning from the jeans guy (no washing unless they’re filthy! Just spot cleaning! Dry cleaning is ok but will alter the texture of the fabric if done too often.)

Getting to Potrero Hill was clusterfuck after clusterfuck but once there, I again found parking fairly easily. San Francisco is beautiful, but the parking situation can sometimes get you so down you don’t want to give up your spot. TA and I had scooters and motorcycles for a long time so we were unaware of the hassles until we got a car... Anyway, I met my former studiomate down on Arkansas at his new (and much nicer) digs, and we had tea on the patio of a nearby café. It was like old times. We talked and shirked work for 2 hours or so.

Tomorrow I have yoga in the morning then possibly errands. On Friday, I’ve scheduled a brow wax and possibly a visit with Mr Bingo who will be in town for his birthday. I’m sure somewhere in there is a shopping excursion (I need a dress for an LA party I’m attending in 2 weeks) and a coffee break.

Saturday we are heading down to the Central Coast to meet up with some friends for some wine tasting. It sounds utterly pretentious the whole “we are going wine tasting” thing but you know what? I don’t care a whit. TA and I need a break, and splashing in the ocean or pique-niquing with friends in an ochre field sounds utterly fantastic. I need some downtime.

I just hope the excursion is as painterly and soft as I’ve pictured it.

6:36 p.m. - 2006-08-02



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