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Central Coasting... continued

We didnít just taste wine this weekend; we tasted olive oil.

We went to this producerís farm, toured the olive-press and tasted all of their varieties. My favorites were the California Blend and the Meyer Lemon (bought a bottle of each, as well as extra bottles as gifts,) although I also loved the combination of a dab of honey with a drizzle of tangerine olive oil. I just wasnít sure Iíd use the tangerine olive oil enough before it turned rancid. Anyway, the packaging and graphic design are very pretty and I'm a sucker for good design so I really had no choice. I had to buy!

The wines were also good, but even better? The folks in the Tasting Rooms were far less pretentious than their Napa Valley counterparts. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.

We stayed at a fancy place, and the service was terrible. There was an out of control wedding party that kept everyone up, and one of my tasks today is to write a letter of complaint.

I also have to take stuff to the dry cleaners or TA and I will be wearing barrels to our friendsí party in LA this weekend. I still donít have a party frock for that event, and I am seriously starting to freak out. I have to buy packing supplies for an Ebay shipment, and gah! thereís also regular laundry to do and grocery shopping... I donít know how women can stand to be housewives. Everything about it is annoying and unequal.

Oh and as far as the Democratic primary in Connecticut is concerned, Iím absentee voting against Lieberman.

12:46 p.m. - 2006-08-08



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