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Clean(ish) bill of health

I had an appointment with my new rheumatologist today (the old one is on sabbatical.)

After examining me, asking a bunch of questions, she declared me "in remission."


I told her I credited yoga, and she agreed. "Yoga's great."

I still have to take most of my drugs, but because I feel good, the doctor said that was all she needed to know. No more blood work, no more tests. Just a flu shot in November, and another appt in April of 2007. Oh and a command to "take it easy" and not in that hippydippy way. She meant it clinically.

Extra triple fun bonus points? She was accompanied by the foxiest intern who was from Montreal. So he and I spoke French and he kept slipping in and out of his Quebecois accent. It was cute. I think I may actually have gotten a tingle when he palpated my backbone!

I still have kajillion mountains of work to do right this instant, but this good news is going to propel me through it.

2:07 p.m. - 2006-10-04



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