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A 6 day blur

My trip has so far been exhausting.

At first it was just the three hours that made me crash at 4 pm (I had to start drinking double cappuccinos in order to keep my head upright.) Eventually the constant socializing started to take its toll. I am now in LA, powerpooped beyond belief.

But, happy to be in LA.

SF was good but I popped so many antihistamines that my lips are cracking from dehydration. Two nights ago, I could barely wrap my lips around a Pancho Villa Special Carne Asada burrito with black beans and salsa verde. Thank god I had a refreshing licuado chaser.

I saw Marie-Antoinette and The Prestige. I really wanted to love M-A, and some parts of it I truly did, but overall, it was a confection and nothing more.

I have to go lie down. I can't hold my head up for another second...

6:01 p.m. - 2006-10-24



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