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Cutting and running with scissors

I spent more of my Amoeba credit while in LA. I mostly bought DVDs, but splurged on a few cds (which were cheaper than an iTunes download. Yes, I am a nerd and wrote the prices down in my notebook.) I finally own the Criterion edition of Rushmore, and the deluxe edition of Le Fabuleux Destin blablabla.

I used TA’s money to buy moisturizer and Kerastase curl crème at Larchmont Beauty in LA. I can’t understand how it can be that that store’s prices are always so good—they’re family-owned, there’s only one location, that street has high rent. Their products are consistently cheaper than at Ricky’s in NYC, cheaper than PureBeauty in SF and other random beauty supply stores. Seriously, that store constitutes reason to move back to LA.

It may sound like I was shopping 24/7 in Southern California, but I really wasn’t. Most of my friends wouldn’t let me pay for anything! I was treated to champagne, wine, breakfast, dinner, movies (and that extra delicious ridonculously expensive caramel corn at the ArcLight!) and coffee. If they were all conspiring to make me want to move back, félicitations, mes amis. Your nefarious plan is working!

I was at Target today, picking up prescriptions when I realized: Behnaz Sarafpour is HERE! Well, not in the flesh, but her collection for Go was. I got these two tops (in black.) I haven’t tried them on yet, and I’m hoping they won’t look terrible on me. I WANT these collections for Target to succeed, I really do. Pictures to come.

5:57 p.m. - 2006-10-31



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