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Cultural Learnings of Rue-Madame for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Moi

I spent all day Friday and most of Saturday morning in Manhattan. It was fun, but I only brought one pair of ballerines with me and by the time we were running through Grand Central on our way home, I just wanted to stop and gnaw off my right paw right there on the floor of the station.

I found my casually unfancy but still groovy coat! At APC! Just as I’d hoped. Truly, the coat was the weekend’s prize. I tried it on, and I thought it looked good. Then I turned around to face TA, and he said, “Oh my god, you look so great in that. You have to buy it.” I dillydallied a bit, thinking “Hmm, maybe the weight of the wool is too light, maybe I will still freeze my ass off, maybe I should keep looking” then I told my inner critic to shut the fuck up.

Later while wandering around the meatpacking district (or as Gentry likes to call it, The Packers of The Meat) I had a really good celebrity sighting: Sacha Baron Cohen.

I actually saw him twice. The first time, he was tucked into a dark doorway, talking on his cell phone. His voice is what made me notice him (well that, and the fact that a really tall guy with a mustache and a Kangol cap was lurking in a dark doorway)—something about the pitch sounded familiar to me. Anyway, I looked up at his face, he looked at me, and I kept on walking. The second time I saw him was not 20 minutes later He was with his girlfriend in front of that giant shop (the one on the corner of Little West 12th and Gansevoort? Is it Theory?)—he was supergiant holding his tiny, red-headed girlfriend’s hand. They looked very cute together.

Other things I did:
- made the woman at Sephora give me lots of samples of Cosmedicine facial scrub. I need a new scrub, I’m almost out of my Murad one. Anyone out there have recommendations?
- Temple Bar for drinks with Mr Bingo, then Korean at Do Hwa with a couple of his talented, adorable friends
- An enormous slice of Devil’s Food Cake from Amy’s
- Saturday morning at Balthazar where I had one of my most favorite things ever: un oeuf a la coq (that’s a soft boiled egg served in a little egg cup.) It was delicious, civilized, and actually sort of like a little romantic breakfast date for the two of us. There was a French couple with a little girl seated next to us, and they were so cute, and the atmosphere was so sweet, so Jean-Pierre Jeunet Amelie lovely and perfect that I lost some of my cynicism
- Helped TA shop like a maniac at Uniqlo, a store I’ve been dying to go to since it was announced two years ago that they had their eyes on Manhattan for their first American outpost. Merino sweaters in pretty colors for $40??? I can’t wait to go back!
- Got a haircut from the chick who normally styles me in NH, and she did such a fantastic job, I have been staring at myself in disbelief every time I walk by a mirror. She blew my hair out THEN cut it, and it looks so awesome! I’m going to send her an email to let her know she’s my Scissor Sister.

Things that are pending and potentially life changing:
- I’ve sent away for all of my transcripts, and have tapped a few folks for letters of recommendation
- I’m attending a graduate school open house in two weeks
- I’m attending a different graduate school open house in three weeks
- My resume is almost finished and I am going to start applying for jobs in two weeks
- I ran out of one of my supertoxic drugs and am thinking about not refilling the prescription because maybe we should have a baby? Or maybe TA should just get snipped?
- I’m going to drop this diary and start a new one

4:18 p.m. - 2006-11-20



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