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From good to cranky

Thanks to an article in the NY Times, I applied to a prescription assistance program and actually qualified. At first I felt bad about helping to sustain the drug companies’ exorbitant prices, but self-interest and fear of being immobilized by pain got the better of me.

If there’s an organization that’s going to help pay for my meds, I’m going to take advantage. I don’t make enough money to sustain spending $700+ every month.

I’ve also used the Times to find out about new drugs, new treatments, etc. It’s to the point where whenever I mention one of these discoveries to my rheumatologist, she says, “Wow. I didn’t realize that that one had gotten FDA approval already. How’d you find out?” It helps, too, that I scour the Arthritis Foundation’s, the Johns Hopkins’, and the Mayo Clinic’s sites for info. I try to spend as much time investigating treatments that can help me as I spend reading crap gossip sites. It’s the only way I can stand myself.*

* If I confessed just how much actual brain time I spend reading bullshit about Britney’s crotch shots, Lindsay’s PhotoShopped crotch shots, Nelly Furtado’s Botox addiction, Nicole Kidman’s laying off the Botox and getting bangs in anticipation of being pregnant, random celebutard nonsense like how the Donald criticized Graydon’s hair (that is one serious WTF?) I’d lose any shred of credibility I have.

But the NY Times also irritates, especially the Style section. Don’t get me wrong—the Sunday Style section is the first piece of the paper I grab for on weekends. I guess I don’t understand how the paper can so often be post-trend so blatantly. Like, ok: How do they explain Alex Kuczynski and her lame-ass pretentious pap? Without getting Gawker on you, she is so lame. The only folks who report anything interesting are the ones with maybe some journalistic credentials? Not just society/wealthy/WASPy types who basically just turn their hobby shopping into a career? And then turn their plastic splurgery “addiction” into a book deal?

From book deal to film rights: Julie/Julia.


2:43 p.m. - 2006-12-06



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