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Insane in the membrane

Iíve got two outlines for my Personal StatementsóIím applying to 2 completely different schools for two totally different Masterís degrees. One is an MA program, the other an MFA. I am not just ONE crazy, I am DOUBLE.

I may not have a snowballís chance in hell of being accepted, but I am going to at least TRY. What would I be if I didnít even give it a shot?

Powering me through all of this is TA and lately? Lily Allen. Iím sure the UK kids out there are completely over her, but I am totally nuts about her. Itís 80s in the best way possible, like a little Specials, a little Smiley Culture, some rocksteady/ska, old skool rap, the cockney accent (fake?) I am streaming the shit out of her online and have Knock Em Out on an infinite loop. iTunes only has an EP available so this is what I have to do while I wait for the full length.

Yesterday, TA told me that the table we ordered was now on sale for $100 cheaper. Because I was in such an ass-kicking mood, I immediately called and said (and this is practically verbatim): ďI ordered a table a while back and it arrived damaged so I refused the delivery and requested a new one. But in that time, the table has been knocked down 100 bucks. So Iíd like to either cancel my order and re-order at the new, lower price or Iíd like you to credit me $100.Ē

And the guy was really nice about it, and I not only got the cheaper price, but the table was delivered today.

Sometimes things have a way of working themselves out. I sure hope this is going to be a trend in 2007Ö

6:18 p.m. - 2006-12-28



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