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Kaboom! To the future!

Ok, one grad school application done, one to go.

The one I finished and uploaded yesterday was the most stressful one because it entailed photographing my ďartĒ, a word I have to put in quotations because Iím not even sure if thatís what I make. I mean, itís not design, and itís not craft. Or maybe it is? Maybe itís art. I just feel so pretentious saying ďartĒ. Perhaps grad school will give me the confidence to utter the word without feeling lame or sheepish about it? If I even get in.

The school receives around 1,300 applications for MFAs in Studio practice. There are only 130 slots. Like I said, snowballís chance in hell.

Hey speaking of snowballs, there was a short little flurry of snow today. It was windy so the snow was twirly swirly and so pretty. Itís finally cold enough for snow and I really want a major dump so we can run around like idiots with our mouths open, catching snowflakes on our tongues. I mean, itís winter for christís sake, right? There should be snow.

Did I mention that our apartment is adjacent to a hulking Brutalism monument? Well it is, and for the last year or so it has been slowly picked apart and dismantled. If you browse these images, you can see through the coliseum to some brick buildings in the background (the shortish bldg on the left is the one we live in.) In two Saturdays, we will have to evacuate our apartment at 6 am to clear out for the implosion. Pretty cool, huh? We need to stake out a good spot from which to view the demolitionómaybe the wharf? Or the top of East Rock park? Probably I will just want to crawl somewhere warm with a cup of hot genmaicha tea.

My gold membership has run out, and Iím beyond the horns of a decision. Iím going to be migrating at some point, so stay tuned for a new diary homeÖ

5:55 p.m. - 2007-01-10



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