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Disjointed but it feels so good

I have always loved how camp and ridiculous telenovelas are so it�s no wonder I love Ugly Betty. It is super rico. And it won prizes at the Golden Globes! Love that too.

My friend Cesar and I used to always joke about pobrecita Maria Mercedes. We did this as we pantomimed dusting furniture with pench� arabesque flourishes.

I only have one issue with Ugly Betty, and it is this: SHE IS NOT UGLY ENOUGH. Her clothes, people? She was wearing Marc by MJ shoes the other night, along with a TRB blouse. From top to toes, Betty was walking around in more than $550�s worth of clothing. I know the stylists are having some fun, but still. I�m irked because I�m broke and you�ll never catch me running around in a brand new pair of MJ wedges! Bitter, party of one. C�est moi.

But the poncho from the first episode? Definitely not designer. Go watch the episode online at abc if you don�t believe me.

Remember how I qualified for a prescription assistance program? Well I dropped off the paperwork to my pharmacist, and ordered a refill on my superexpensive needles. I picked my prescription up today, and I DIDN�T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING. No co-pay, no nothing. Nada! I magically saved $1400 in one swoop! And it couldn�t have come at a better time�my wrists and elbows have been really tweaky (this means: random shooting joint pain, throbbing aches in my joints from holding up a book to read, general exhaustion) As soon as I got home, I got my works out, prepped my needles and gave myself two shots.

I can�t wait to start feeling like myself again. Auto-immune disorders suck. My system is attacking itself. I know I am my own worst enemy, but this is taking things way too far!

One of our neighbors stopped by around lunchtime today, so we invited her to eat with us. Lucky for her, we had a nice meal planned: cr�me of broccoli soup, and linguine with a homemade red sauce containing pancetta, mushroom and chard. She ran home and brought over dessert: a pile of tangy clementines, and a ripe pineapple. It was delicious and a nice surprise on a Thursday afternoon.

6:29 p.m. - 2007-01-18



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