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Whine, whine

I wish I could say that the reason there hasnít been an entry in a while is that Iíve been off having an exciting life, but alas, this is not true.

Mostly, I have been making my way from Denial into Acceptance about the fact that a) I have to move and b) move back to the States.

Itís too horrible to even think about, but I have been forcing myself to take baby steps in that direction. The biggest problem is WHERE to live in the States.

New York definitely has the most appeal of all the American cities; unfortunately, itís so fricken expensive to live there that I would have to resume my life on the hamster wheel in order to make ends meet. This is repellant to me.

Before I moved to Paris, I went on a west coast city tour to check out the competition. Ha! As if. . . Seattle: boring, too many trees and bad shopping; Portland: way too many hippies and bad shopping; San Diego: strip malls and bad shopping... the only place that I came up with was Los Angeles. Laugh if you will but the place is affordable, warm, itís got some good bars and hotels, itís got good shopping and eventhough people donít really eat there, itís got good restaurants. Iím not crazy about the fact that you *have* to have a car, but whatever, I know how to drive so I can deal.

I am such a Liar! I am nowhere near Acceptance. Iím just going to hide in my apartment til my lease is up.

2:50 p.m. - 2001-08-10



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