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Southern exposure

My life has been a hurricane since I got back.

I am still having culture shock issues, but for the most part I am beginning to acclimate.

I am right now in San Francisco, corraling all of my belongings into one giant pile in my parents' living room; the goal is to have a clear idea *by Friday* of how much square footage the pile occupies so that I can get a mover to give me a decent quote. There is no way I am personally moving any of this crap.

Where are all of my earthly possessions going you ask? To Los Angeles. Yep, I spent a week down there, looking at apartments and I am happy to report that I found one in 3 days of fulltime searching and the place is beautiful. Freshly painted, newly refinished floors, windows everywhere, a separate entrance... all this *and* a 30 second walk to Canter's on Fairfax. It's no rue Madame, but then, what could be?

Of course, the landlady loves me and wants me to stay forever, but I'm keeping a mobile mindset in case Paris needs me. My goal right now is to get all of my computer gear down there, up and running, so that I can start working and calling headhunters for European jobs. I have a friend in Hollywood who works in film and is pals with David Fincher and I am hoping she can hook me up with something in an art department on a set. It would be interesting to use my design skills in a different field, and since you have to know someone to get work in L.A., I am hoping she can set me up with some contacts. That way, with film experience under my belt, I could move back to Paris with 2 very marketable skills instead of just one.

The first few days in L.A., I was so irritated with everyone and everything. I kept comparing the place to SF and Paris and quickly realized how dumb that is. It wasn't helping me get excited about living and working there. It was counter-productive. As soon as I started appreciating the differences with an anthropologist's eye, I was a LOT happier and even amused.

On a musical note, I saw Beulah on Saturday night at the Great American Music Hall in SF and they were incredible! Starlight Mints opened and they, too, were great. Of course, everyone in the audience was hideous and dumpy and that was a bummer. No one has any style here, everyone dresses for comfort (ergo fat man pants and slovenly t-shirts) and I can't believe how much general pudge is out there. Of course, LA is a whole other ball of wax--everyone there is hyper-aware of their image and people have freakish eating habits, like no one ever eats egg yolks! Every menu has egg white scrambles and omelettes and I saw at least 2 straight men ordering them! I think I'm going to post a little flyer around LA that has a picture of an egg yolk on it with "Have you seen me?" underneath.

LA celebrity sightings:

- Jeff Bridges

- Elijah Wood

5:27 p.m. - 2001-10-22



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