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Le Top du Top

Thanks to everyone who offered advice on what to do about that pesky fill-in-the-blank shower thingie. I’ve decided that if I can muster up the energy, I will go the 50s ransom note way; if I cannot research vintage clip art, I will conveniently “forget” about the entire thing. I had another sneaky little plan yesterday, and that was to take a bill of some sort (phone, electricity, water, whatever) and put it in the envelope meant for the dumb shower game, and pretend to have goofed and sent the wrong thing in! Oh, how silly of me! What a ninny!

So, there are some great shows upcoming... in Paris, malheureusement. However, this is great news for Parisians and for adventurous tourists. Here’s the list:

Sunday 7 July at the Guinguette Pirate

STEREO TOTAL: a really great French/German punk lounge duo. The two of them sing in French, German, Italian, English and Japanese and they are fucking amazing live. Go see them please and make Brezel sing “Movie Star!” When I saw them last year at the Batofar, Françoise had a cahier with all of the lyrics in it, and she just flipped around the pages and picked songs at random. C’était génial!

19h30 - 10 euros

Sunday 7 July at the Batofar

CAKE & MILK party: djs, outdoor bars, lounge chairs for relaxing, great people watching, live performances and cinéma en plein air... it’s really fun and it’s free!

16h00 I think.

Monday 8 July at the Batofar

BLACKALICIOUS: kick-ass, alright-party-people, fun hip hop with the occasional stupid (as in lame) slow jam

10h00/03h00 - 9.5 euros

Thursday 25 July at the Batofar

SPACEHEADS: two guys Andy Diagram (trumpet & electronic effects) and Richard Harrison (drums.) Once again, it’s just two people who make really incredible jazzy/electronic/trippy/dancy music. The trumpet guy plays a string of music, then he samples it, distorts it, loops it, then plays over it, and it creates a really interesting, amazingly layered sound. They also sample wind-up toys, tin cans and things and play over them live, It’s super groovy and fun to bop your head to

21H00/04H00 - 9.50 euros

And that completes the entertainment calendar for Paris July 2002. Now if only I could get this excited about happenings in my own neck of the woods!

I am mostly getting psyched about going up to San Francisco in a few weeks. My parents are in France again, so I can stay at their house sans drama. I am really looking forward to seeing friends, and eating a gigantic burrito... or two. Maybe I’ll even take in a Giants game if they’re in town. Goddamn this is boring.

11:49 a.m. - 2002-07-02



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