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Manic thursday

Oh my god, I havenít practiced yoga in almost a week. What a lard-ass!

As soon as my god-awful symptoms abate, I will be downward dogging it with the rest of the Los Angeles cult.

Iíve been busy designing book covers for the last two days. Iíve been asked to come up with a ďcoupleĒ of concepts, but Iíve already got three, and have three more up my sleeve. For some reason, Iíve got a ton of ideas to work through this time around. I may not show all of them, but I will need to get them out of my system so I can finally go to sleep at night. When thereís an idea forming in my head, it takes over my nervous system and I canít get anything accomplished until the idea is on paper.

The Quark Monkey is helping me with some scanning. I did a bunch on Tuesday, but some of these new concepts need a different image treatment so heís in the next room cursing the scanner and PhotoShop.

I'll update a little later once I've made a dent in this pile o' work...

11:30 a.m. - 2003-02-20



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