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Got a dermo-crease reducer, ain't no loser

I just got a free sample of Lancôme Résolution D-Contraxol in the mail. Apparently this product is going to “address dermo-creases on the skin’s surface and existing wrinkles.” I wonder how much a .18 oz (5g) échantillon is going to affect the “number and depth of wrinkles” on my face. For free, I’m willing to give it the old college try.

I applied some twice yesterday: during the day (with another moisturizer on top, one that has SPF) and before I went to bed. The perfume was annoying but it dissipated after a while. Most of the Lancome stuff is really perfumy and it’s the main reason I stay away from that counter.

This morning my skin seems smoother.

They promise results in 4 weeks, so I will see if I can make that eensy little tube last that long. A full size jar of the stuff (1.7 oz.) is $68. No, I don’t have that kind of money (hey, it’s cheaper than an ounce of La Mer) but it’s fun to think about.

Yesterday I checked out a record store in Echo Park that’s supposed to be like the Aquarius Records of Los Angeles. It’s called Sea Level Records and it’s pretty cool. The Lisa Marr Experiment was playing live, and the music was good, the crowd watching even better. Leg warmers have made a comeback! And, I would like to add, without IRONY. I saw four different girls, with four different styles of leg warmers and I could not believe my eyes.

One of the guys who works at the store who was very cute said a superfriendly “Hi!” to me as we (I was with Harriet) walked in. That was like a little vacation from my life. I can still get some flirt from a cute indie boy! Yay!

Later the bass player for The Muffs came in and bought some cds. That was a cool celebrity sighting. And the record store sells tickets for certain shows, and I got mine for The Aislers Set.

Hard to tell if the store is as good as Aquarius since it was impossible to walk all the way in and poke around (what with the band playing and all the people standing around.) I’ll have to go back on a non-live music day.

I need another coffee. Christ it’s early.

8:15 a.m. - 2003-02-23



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