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Time after time

A random thought: Kelly Osbourne is the new Cyndi Lauper. Only with far less talent.

I saw a picture of both of them at the Grammies, and it got me thinking about people who are copies of other people. You all know how I stand on the authentic vs. fake issue.


Yesterday someone told me, “Hey, you’re probably going to start hearing this a lot, but you look like Norah Jones.”

To which I replied, “Well, I guess that means I’ve graduated from looking like Lisa Bonet.”

Which is what I used to hear a lot during the heydey of The Cosby Show.

I don’t look like either of those women, but I find it interesting that my French-Mexican heritage miraculously contains a soupçon of African in other people’s eyes. Norah Jones and Lisa Bonet are both very pretty so I guess I’ll take the compliment.

I’ve also been told that I look like Madonna, which is completely ludicrous.

Once, at a bus stop in San Jose, a little woman asked me if I was Madonna. “Would Madonna be taking the bus at 8 in the morning in downtown San Jose?” I replied. I mean, REALLY.

Then, in Paris, at a hopelessly pretentious restaurant with two other patrons in it, the waiter told me I resembled Madonna, and for the rest of the meal, he called me Madonna and was overly solicitous (bordering on obsequious, and no, neither of those adjectives are my Words of the Day.)

People are strange.

Last night I went to see The Rock Star and her boyfriend perform. He performed first, his beautiful guitar playing accompanied by two violins and the occasional plinkety-plinkety from a keyboard. Oh my god, the guy is such a talented musician--each of his songs is a complete statement in sound, and as soon as his demo is complete, he will be signed and be a giant success. He could even just send one song to Nic Harcourt (the much hated host of Morning Becomes Eclectic) and be assured airplay. The Rock Star, too, is on her way to success. She does not have the same musical talents that he does (like the kind that are innate, or taught from a very young age;) however, she makes up for that with sheer force of personality and determination. I love her songs, and enjoy hearing how they change from performance to performance.

I wish I could bring it back around to Kelly Osbourne, but I’m not smart enough right now. That, or I need more caffeine.

8:55 a.m. - 2003-02-25



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