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Sucking it in and letting it out

I did go to Apt. 3 yesterday and I liked it. The place is tiny, the woman was nice, her dog was mostly well-behaved, and there was a nice selection of new and vintage. But the place is seriously teensy weensy.

After that, I stopped in at American Rag because why? Because it’s there, just down the street from Apt. 3 and I was curious to see what was going on. I tried on some allegedly cropped Seven jeans, and they were tight, low-slung and really flattering. Unfortunately, even “cropped,” the jeans were a bit too long on me (the cute flare aspect was lost at my ankles, instead of higher up on my calves.) Oh well. I saved $130 bucks plus potential hemming charges by leaving the store without any merchandise.

I can’t believe I wear a 26. Come to think of it, I don’t believe I own anything that is ‘26.’ What kind of sizing is that? 0-2-4 and 36-38 make more sense to me.

Anyway, I picked the pants off the rack, held them up and asked Terence, “Does it look like my ass could fit in these?” while pinning them across the front of my hips. I had to suck in my abdomen and arch backwards to get the tabs and the fly closed, but once I accomplished that, the jeans didn’t feel that tight.

I left the store with my old trusty 501s on. Man, those things are like pyjamas. Maybe not very trendy, but so comfortable.

Sorry to cut this short, but I need a snack.

6:07 p.m. - 2003-08-06



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