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When it rains, it pours

Things here have been a little crazy.

1. The client who caused me so much grief last year sent me an email asking if Iíd be interested in doing some production. I replied ďyeah on condition that thereís a contract with clearly delineated payment milestones, etc.Ē So she gets back to me and says, ďyeah, yeah, thatís fine, oh and by the way Iím giving your name to someone at insert-name-of-huge-media-conglomerate here about some work.Ē

2. Uh, ok.

3. So I never hear back from Grief client. Instead, I hear from someone entirely new at an entirely new company Iíve never heard of. So new is this person, and so mystifying is the name and voice, that I think Iím talking to a woman with a glottal impediment. But she seems nice enough and wants to see my work. Sheís acting as the intermediary for hugemediaconglomerate. She got my name from Grief lady.

4. ďCan I meet you tomorrow at 2?Ē Uh, ok. Race around throwing shit into my portfolio.

5. Go to yoga to calm down. Spend an hour and a half unwinding and being centered, only to come home, jump in the shower, stub my toe, and revert to primal frantic state. I think this is who I really am.

6. I head to a little house near the Sunset Strip to show my stuff... to a man! A small man with big muscles in a tshirt and fleece vest. Who wears fleece vests anymore? I mean, this isnít Seattle or Sun Valley. Itís Los Angeles! It practically never gets colder than 70 degrees. He raves about my work, tells me itís a great opportunity and that the contact at hugemediaconglomerate is cool and will love my work.

7. These people in Hollywood... they are always so damned effusive, itís incredible. I never believe them. Maybe I didnít get enough love and praise when I was a kid, but really, this guy had no idea what he was talking about. I am proud of my work, but none of it is mind-blowing. Címon.

8. Drive home trying to avoid looking at scary Hellís Angels CalTrans workers in the truck next to me. They were fucking terrifying.

9. Get a call from old client whom I love to pieces who, oddly enough, works for a different arm of hugemediaconglomerate. She and her staff have just been laid off, but she has a few niggling things that need to be done and can I do them? ďSureĒ

10. Pour glass of wine.

Thatís been pretty much the last two days.

Today I have more work to do, a Monday meeting to plan for (in Burbank, at 8 in the frickiní morning, wft?), yoga to squeeze in, and Beulah to see and adore. Tomorrow I have class (that I havenít prepared for) and Sunday I work at the yoga studio for a few hours.

Is Mercury out of retrograde? Is that what this is all about? Alfie?

9:23 a.m. - 2003-10-03



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