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Mal occhio

I am fine. Overworked, a bit stressed, in dire need of a massage, but fine.

I went to party on Saturday night. It was supposed to be a pumpkin carving party, but only 3 of us carved anything. Iím not one for the Halloween costuming, but I love the crafty projects, no matter what time of year it is. Unfortunately, I donít have a photo of my jack-o-lantern, but hereís a succint description: louise brooks cyclops.

Some guy at the party asked me my age, and I actually answered truthfully. He didnít believe me and demanded I take off my shirt for proof. Boobs donít lie? I told him I would oblige except that Iíd had so much work done, he couldnít possibly ascertain the truth. Heís kind of nut, this guy, so I wasnít in the least bit offended. I thought it was kind of funny actually. What a kook.

Today I received an invitation to the Spring 2004 Marc Jacobs trunk show in Beverly Hills. Since there is no MJ store here, itís happening at some fancypants hotel bungalow and I am hoping for free drinks and goody bags. Not so sure I like the Spring line, but my life needs an infusion of fashion and glamour right now.

In addition to working on two books, Iím finishing up some packaging for the Rockstar whose ep is nearly done. Iím designing the sleeve, and the artwork should be ready for printing by Th or Fr. The new mixes sound great, and her band is well on its way to stardom and fame. Itís only a matter of time before youíre all requesting her songs on your local radio station.

I need my eyebrows thermally reconditioned. I have a friend who got her eyelashes permed, so Iím thinking the straightening of brow hairs cannot be that far off. I donít spend a lot of time in front of the mirror (where am I going? To the living room to work?) but if I could have brows that stayed flat and groomed, Iíd be so much happier. Itís not like I have little afros above my eyes or anything; itís just that when the hairs grow out after having been tweezed and waxed, they curl up, they curl down, and it makes me look like an old Italian man.

I think itís the heat. I am not making any sense.

4:31 p.m. - 2003-10-20



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